There is porcelain and then there is bone china. What's the difference?

It is a question of contents.

Like mixing a cake, one adds a little something extra to make it special.

Both contain quartz, feldspar and kaolin. The special ingredient is bone ash.

Just like cake batter, it begins In one form and is baked into another.  The thick liquid is poured into a mold and baked in a kiln.

Bone china is heated at 22,532 degrees Farenheit.  Porcelain is fired at 25,232 degrees Farenheit.  Bone china is refired at least twice.  Some are done up to five times.  Each time a different color are applied. The firings are as long as 15 hours.

Bone china is thinner, translucent and stronger than porcelain.  It is also more chip resistant.  

Is it worth it?  We at think so.  

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